New Shared Bike Lanes Require Caution

Shared Bike Lanes

Shared Bike Lanes

Shared Lane requirements may pose some confusion for visitors to South Beach who may not be familiar with the symbols newly painted on local roadways. These new visual cues – a silhouette of a bike with two peaked arrows above it –  are painted along the sides of many Miami Beach streets to improve cycling safety for riders who must pass between parked cars and lanes of moving traffic. Shared lanes are designed to give drivers a visual cue about how much space to  provide a bike rider when passing.

Cyclists are advised to ride over the center portion of the shared lane markers to make it safer to avoid the dreaded accidental “dooring” – the unexpected impediment of a parked motorist opening a car door directly into the path of an oncoming bike. While bikers are always encouraged to ride as close to sidewalks as possible, South Beach has so many parallel parked cars, an additional path of shared cycling lanes is required on most city streets. Motorists are encouraged to be alert to bike riders and to pass no less than 3 feet from a non-motorized vehicle.

While the State of Florida legally allows right turns at most red lights, drivers are encouraged to take extra caution on Miami Beach streets where bike paths traverse turning lanes. Motorists are advised to come to a complete stop, check right hand side-view mirrors and also turn and do a shoulder check to be certain the oncoming bike lanes are clear before executing any turns that might endanger riders. When turning or changing lanes, signal your intention, check twice and use good judgements whether your turn will pose a danger to someone on a bike.

An interim striping project creates bikeways throughout the City of Miami Beach to make it safe to ride along the following busy corridors:

* 16 Street from Bay Road to Washington Avenue, South Beach (East/West)

* Prairie Avenue from  28 through 42 Street, Mid-Beach (North/ South)

* 73 Street from dickens to Collins Avenue, North Beach (East/West)

* Euclid Avenue from 5-16 Street, South Beach (North /South)

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